Personal Growth and Self-Esteem

Building a foundation for positive change in your life

Are you being held back by your own struggles and setbacks and feeling stuck in your life? If you are thinking that “something needs to change” but do not quite know how to get there, then read on…


Change is part and parcel of an individual’s life and leads to self-development, personal growth, and increased self-esteem. But change does not always come easy. The self-help industry has made it appear that positive change should come naturally, easily and effortlessly. There are so many self-help books, videos, and applications available that it seems that we have a wealth of information at our fingertips. But have you ever wondered why you struggle to make lasting positive change to your life? Simply put: creating lasting change takes effort and hard work.


Change is difficult because there are often obstacles that get in the way of achieving the life that you want to live. Furthermore, it may seem like you are “trying to hike up a huge mountain” and simply thinking about change as one huge thing that you need to accomplish and conquer may be too overwhelming. Change requires taking risks, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, trying out new ways of being, and that is why it is scary. Change creates anxiety because it involves going down a new path which you have not tried before, where the destination is unclear. It also induces fear because you may be thinking “what if I fail?”


How can therapy help my personal growth journey?

Therapy can help you identify the obstacles that are getting in the way of achieving positive change. It can also help you explore whether you are ready for change. Oftentimes, individuals may be frustrated by being stuck that they seek therapy, but may not yet be ready for change. You may experience an epiphany where you realise that change is needed, but ingrained habits and behaviours may hold you back from taking the first steps to enacting change. Therapy can help you figure out how to take small steps to begin the change process so that it is less overwhelming and scary.


Do you find yourself looking towards positive change, and feeling like you are ready to take the leap of faith to jump start your personal growth journey? Feel free to get in touch with me. Let’s talk.

Personal Growth and Self Esteem FAQ

Can a therapist help with low self-esteem?

A therapist can help you to understand the underlying issues related to your struggles with low self-esteem. Through self-understanding, an individual can begin to navigate their way through their personal growth journey.

What is the best therapy for low self-esteem?

There are various different ways a therapist can work with you for issues with low self-esteem. The therapist can help you identify the emotions underlying low self-esteem and help you develop more positive ways of relating to yourself.

How can a therapist help me with my personal growth?

A therapist can help you begin to explore yourself at a deeper level to uncover deeper personal insights and self-understanding of which you were unaware. This exploration leads to personal growth.